Levada do Castelejo

Levada do Castelejo

Beginning in ​​Referta, Porto da Cruz, this route leads the hiker through a journey filled with several species of endemic flora and fauna, as well as beautiful landscapes that show some of the beauty and tradition of this island.

In the first part of the trail you can admire the magnificence of the Penha d’Águia rock (Eagle Rock) as well as the picturesque buildings that constitute the nearby villages. You can also enjoy the small plots and agricultural crops, carefully worked, the area’s popular.

As the track progresses, they will getting back farmland giving way to the magnificent and lush vegetation characteristic of this area, such as Holly (canariensis Ilex), the Barbusano (barbujana Appolonias), the Laurel (Laurus azorica) and many others.

At the end of this route you will find a beautiful place with small ponds that form of pure and crystalline water brought by the river. Guests can relax and enjoy all the surroundings. After resetting the energy, it is time to return, following the reverse path.


Distance: 9 Km

Time: 3-5 hours